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Dear Beatport,

We all LOVE
you. However, you seriously need to do something about the way you define your genres. It doesn’t add up.

Without a doubt, the worst sub genre in your list is progressive house.

What have you done my love?

You list the purest underground gems (IE Darin Epsilon) together with the biggest festival anthems (Hardwell, JOOP and the likes). What were you smoking babe?

Why don’t you keep progressive house as it was meant to be.. Global Underground style.. Renaissance.. you know it. And why don’t we make a separate genre called ‘Big Room.’ This way, underground artists don’t have to compete with the more commercial tunes. And essential tunes from the underground can have a fair chance.

Moreover, the techno section is really disappointing. It’s filled with weak stuff that should be filed under either ‘minimal’ or ‘tech house.’ But no. You list some of the biggest techno bangers in the same chart as Hardcore..


Furthermore, whether you like the genre or not.. shouldn’t there be a Trap section by now? How about Hardstyle?

To conclude, YOU are the leader in dance music retail, so pretty please: Act like it. You just got $50 million in your pockets from SFX.. (not as much as Tiesto is worth, but still..) How about some updating on the genres to make a big number of artists happy?