Toni Costanzi

Is Toni Costanzi the next chosen one of EDM?

From 2010 to 2015, electronic music saw a surge in popularity, led by ‘progressive’ ‘electro’ and ‘trance’ coming together into what became known as ‘bigroom’ or simply ‘EDM’ by some (a wrong classification, as EDM stands for electronic dance music). […]

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Murder the Track


It’s summer time, so DJ Jounce strikes again with yet another big Future House track. MURDER THE TRACK features a signature style groove with emphasis on a catchy bassline. The vocals give it that extra dimension to get everyone going […]

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CHECK THIS! Kryoman launches New “Blackout” Radio Show

We are ecstatic to announce Kryoman’s brand new “Blackout” radio show. Photo credits Rukes & Ultra Music festival The “Blackout” radio show will be airing bi-weekly on over 100 + major radio station’s all over the globe curated with only the best […]

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