Only in the game for two years, Leah Nuit Culver aka MK ULTRA from Atlanta already left a firm mark on the EDM scene. Earlier this year she opened Ultra Music Festival Radio with Porter Robinson. And last year she hosted TomorrowWorld TV interviewing all of the biggest artists. Her new release PICTURES is a big hit on BEATPORT, so therefore we had a little chat with her!

You are in the top 10 of Beatport Dubstep. How does it make you feel and what do you want to say to your fans? I am so excited to have charted on beatport this week! Currently Pictures is at #6 and I’m so excited to see that people like it! Working with such top talent as Tora Woloshin, Liz Primo, and Beta Control was an awesome experience and I am really ecstatic to see the track do well on the charts! I am so grateful for the people who have supported by purchasing it and very grateful for everybody who has shown love and support for me as an artist and as a person. I love them more than anything and I wish I could meet them all to say thank you to each person personally! I can’t express how grateful and excited I am, we have a lot of big plans for the next upcoming months so keep watching out! I can’t wait to show you what’s next!

Tell us a bit more about the release? Pictures was released under Total Damage Records on April 21st last week and the first day it released it went to #26 on the Top 100 for dubstep Tracks! I was super excited and then it quickly broke top 10 and now it’s one away from top 5! Every day it seems to frolic it’s way a little higher. So this is a very exciting process for me and I am excited to see all of the support we are getting. We’ll see what happens because every day I’ve woken up it’s higher, I’m hoping I’ll wake up tomorrow and it will have broken top 5!

Which artist would you really like to collab with? If I could collab with anybody I would have Hayley Williams sing on one of my tracks. She has always been a huge inspiration to me in so many ways growing up. I respect her so much as an artist and would love to pick her brain on a few topics.

The best thing about Atlanta? Atlanta is such a beautiful city that has so much to offer in all spectrums. We have so many amazing and vast varieties of artists here working so hard to make their careers glow. Three of my best friends from here Lee, Paul, and Taylor (Lee of Must Die! And Paul and Taylor of Mantis) are also charting right now on the top 100. Must Die is at #2 and Mantis is at #22 right now! It’s so cool to see so much talent popping out from our city. We have Heroes and Villains, Le Castle Vania, Must Die, Mayhem, Mantis, and so many others that have sky rocketed out of Atlanta in the past two years. Atlanta has an amazing EDM scene and it’s only getting bigger and better! The kids that come out to the shows here are extremely supportive and it’s really all about kindness and love here. I haven’t met many people from Atlanta that leave a bad taste in my mouth because everybody is so supportive and excited to be a part of our music scene. I love Atlanta for many reasons but I would say my favorite thing about our city itself is how many trees you have here. It’s not a cement city here, you have nature everywhere you look and for me that makes all the difference because I’m happiest amongst trees and nature. We have amazing food, music, people, and talent here. I’m very proud to be from such a wonderful city.

What do you feel about the place of female DJ and producers in the EDM world? I think the rate of female producers is growing! I’m very excited to see my friends Krewella blowing up and Nervo killing it, I absolutely love seeing women killing it out there on the decks! They bring a different vibe to the table in that there’s nothing better to me than seeing these amazing girls get up on a huge stage in front of a massive crowd w mics in their hands, an amazing energy, absolutely smashing it. I love it! I think there will be a large growth in the next few years with more and more talented women stepping up to the plate saying I can do this too! I absolutely love it!

What was the best moment for you to experience last year? That’s a tough one because last year was at the time easily the best year for me that I had ever experienced with so many exciting and new life experiences happening! I have had several moments where I’m looking out in to a big excited crowd and I get this overwhelming feeling of gratefulness and excitement for getting to have this moment to take w me forever, I feel one with them and I get this surge of energy that fills me completely. I can’t explain it, it’s where I’m happiest! I feel it’s such a blessing to get to do what I love on a daily basis and jump around w a big crowd and be able to yell out positive messages to a mass of people! I’m just so grateful for every moment I get to do this. Any time I run in to somebody who expresses how much they believe in me it’s amazing to me. I’m so grateful for the support of others that I’ve been shown. I want to meet everybody and talk with everybody and it’s so wonderful to see all these new faces all the time. One of the most meaningful moments for me last year was after the last day of TomorrowWorld interviewing artists for TomorrowWorld TV. I was walking back from the artist grounds and I ran in to an artist that I look up to greatly and he said this is going to be yours pointing at the main stage, with out a doubt in my mind you are going to make it, watch and see! I’ve had people message me telling me that THEY dreamed that I played main stage at TomorrowWorld. That kind of support is crazy to me! It fills my heart so greatly. I was very excited to play Space in Miami with Adventure Club, Cash Cash, and Helena during Ultra Week a few weeks ago! As a kid I always talked about wanting to go to LA and so the first time I played Dim Mak Studio’s on Hollywood Blvd was a big deal to me! I felt I had met a big personal goal haha! I’m just so in love with this that honestly I have moments that I think to myself this is the best moment ever all the time and that’s because I’m so genuinely grateful for all of these experiences and people I’m getting to enjoy!

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

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