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In 2009, Josh Anaya discovered the world of electronic music as it emerged in the United States and loudly rose to prominence. He soon found himself behind the tables at local warehouse parties in his hometown of Chino Hills, CA and decided to start producing in early 2010, which quickly turned into an addictive passion. Later that year, he teamed up with high school friend Angelo Patino to form Peacetreaty.

Their high-energy electro house style quickly garnered the attention from several high-profile producers, most notably Steve Aoki who signed them to his label, Dim Mak Records, which released their first EP in February 2011. Gaining support from the likes of Wolfgang Gartner, Diplo, Afrojack, Chuckie, Moby and more, Hammarica found some time in their busy schedule for an exclusive interview!


Are warehouse parties more fun than commercial festivals?

Josh: I would say festivals for us are a bit more attractive, but certain festivals like Tomorrowland, Electric Zoo, and Coachella have definitely something that separates them from anything else. I love all the parties we play. Even the small club ones where you can feel the crowd right on you. Usually those are off the wall crazy. The festival vibe just brings a lot of character to music in general. Its a gathering of people unified in the act of expression and dance through music. Just go to Tomorrowland and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Is there a genre of EDM you can’t stand. And if so, why?

Josh: I don’t think I can’t stand any but I can surly only take small dosages of some such as: dubstep, happy hardcore, and breaks. It doesn’t mean I don’t like them it’s just I prefer to be selective about it.

Describe your studio set-up?

Josh: It’s actually quite simple we did all the acoustic treatment for a 12×12 room. We have a 42″ TV monitor, xbox360, WII, KRK 6″ vxt’s, KRK 12″ Sub, Green Couch, small refrigerator, axiom midi, yamaha keyboard, big knob, moth pre-8 interface, some filter conditioners, wifi, and a sock monkey dog bed. I think that’s almost everything.

Ben Stiller and DIddy
Puffy, Diddy? P Papa? Poppa, Poppa Diddy Pop?

Do your neighbours find you bring peace to the neighborhood?

Josh: hahaha umm I hope so. I give the neighbor wave when I’m outside

You find more fun in remixing or producing original material?

Josh: Well remixing a song can definitely generate some ideas if you’re hitting a writers block but for us writing original music is what we love doing. I know we have only released only one EP but that’s surely going to change this year when we release our full album 🙂 Writing your own songs allows you to experiment and push your production skills to achieve new sounds. Every remix we did starting from the “Heard of Us” we have only used the vocal and created an original track around it.

Is there too much envy in the DJ scene?

Josh: Whether there is not enough or too much, you need it. What I mean by that is that it’s healthy for music, but almost everyone gets along quite well. It’s just a part of our human character.

Steve Aoki Dance Music NewsWould you like to have Steve Aoki’s rubber boat?

Josh: I think we are good on that. Way too much sweat has crossed those things. The funniest thing is seeing people trying to get on them with like 10 other people trying to do the same. And there is always that one person that gets on top but then it just turns into a bouncer and their shit is just flying everywhere haha!

Is there any club you would never play again?

Josh: I would say there would be a couple that we played back in the day that went sour but now we can’t complain because we are playing at a lot of big venues and the people treat us well.

How would you define success as a DJ? Is it a Beatport top 10 hit? A sold out tour? What are your thoughts on this?

Josh: Thats actually a pretty good question. How do you? If it was up to my judgment I would say a tour would be the definition of your success. That’s definitely our dream.

Dance Music MagazineDo you go by PLUR, or do you go by Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll?

Josh: Rave, Rage, and Roll I think is how people are doing it now.

Did you try the dubstep DJ name generator on What was the result?

Josh: hahaha I didn’t even know such a thing existed. That’s hilarious.

Do you often take the time to talk with your fans after a set?

Josh: Ya definitely we try to interact with them to some means whether that’s bringing them back with us to party or taking pics and signing things for them. We have the best fans!

You played at many different festivals. What would be your favorite of those?

Josh: Hands down and by far the best experience was with Tomorrowland. The crowds there are something else. It brings culture and music together like none other.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?
Josh: Get ready for the album coming out on Dim Mak!

Thank you guys for the great interview and for you time of interest in us 🙂 much appreciated