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Hammarica.com Daily DJ Interview: Techno Giants Pig & Dan


Pig And Dan DJ Interview Hammarica PR Electronic Dance Music News

Constantly touring and making widely popular techno tracks, it was high time to invite Cocoon Recordings artists Pig & Dan for Hammarica.com’s series of daily DJ interviews!

You have a lot of success in the Beatport charts. Other than making good music, what do you think is the secret behind that?


There’s no secret, we have have no idea if a track is going to do well. In fact often it’s the ones that we believe wont that do best. We just experiment and try to do our best, the rest is up to the buyer and luckily it seems we are doing something right : )

How would you describe your studio routine?

Kaotic! We run 2 studios at the same time. Pig in one and me in the other and when we travel we often create on flights and in Airports

What is the best thing about Cocoon Records?

The fact that they are responsible for taking something from the underground and making it commercial without selling out.

In your opinion, what is the best recurring techno event in the world?

Impossible to say but if I had to pick I believe ADE is.

Dance Music MagazineDrugs – yes or no?


Is fashion important to you?

What’s fashion? I believe fashion is what suits you.

Your favorite synthesizer?


Do you feel it is good or bad that Beatport has that much influence on the scene?

Well we feel that we always need a leading supplier. We think Beatport does a fantastic job at being that for our industry although We miss the days of buying unique records in shops around the world

public restroom Pig & DanWhat was the weirdest place you ever played a DJ set?

On a public toilet in London. Was a fantastic gig no joke


DJ InterviewsPick a classic house or techno tune and tell us why that one is so special.

Energy Flash by Joey Beltram and Positive Education by Slam.

Both hold something so timeless and get deep under our skin. Really inspired our roots.


A last word from you to our readers?

Take time out to savour music.