Luca Draccar releases new EP ‘Sugar’


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Pure imagination reigns in techno artist Luca Draccar’s latest EP ‘Sugar.’ Possessed by eclectic rhythms and dynamic electronic synths, Draccar uses his trademark pioneering soundscape to intrigue and captivate the curious.

‘Love Is Killing You’ burns slowly, waiting for the release that kicks in towards the end, with playful percussion and fast-paced hi-hats that build in intensity. ‘She Is Gone’ gives listeners a taste of what’s to come on, combining exotic flavours and ingredients to create a rich and tasty palette of sounds, hungry to be heard. Recurring voices, percussive cowbells and sweeping synths create an eerie atmosphere. ‘Come Closer’ experiments with vocals to become a stand out feature due to its delayed effects echoed out over longer periods of time, while the gritty tremble of the guitar hides in the shadows.

A visionary and a leader in the techno universe, Luca Draccar learned his craft through DJing in the nightclubs of Milan, before studying media and music in Berlin where his home studio is now located.


cover art Luca Draccar

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