Roland TR 808 Hammarica PR

Roland TR 808 – Tribute


Roland TR 808 Hammarica PRSome time ago, I was in a local dusty musical instruments store. The kind of place where old fucks with guitars reside to escape their wives and kids.

First floor is filled with guitar shit. Howevz, the 2nd floor is where all their goodies are. A Roland JX8P synthesizer welcomed me w/a friendly smile. My friend in Holland has one of those. Then I saw a Moog, some more goodies. Actually came accross a Roland R70 drum machine. I own one of these.

Then, when I thought I saw everything.. I looked over into the display counter. Did I just see that right? It was the one.. the only.. the God Almighty one missing machine of my collection.. a Roland TR 808. I’m not 18 anymore, but this was the very first time I saw an 808 with my own eyes. It was beautiful. including the plastic overlay. Bit more than 1700 bucks. *drool – sigh* wow.


It’s def one of the most desirable things to have. When you see a machine like that, being a musician, you think of all the sonic capabilities, its rich musical heritage. I think I just have to play Spastik again today. Or Baby Got Back.

One of my friends decided to purchase. Not just any TR 808.. No the one from Egyptian Lover. How cool is that?

The Roland TR 808.. The legend lives on!