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Our partners of The EDM Nightlife Show and have been covering the Vegas and world-wide EDM scene for almost 3 years now. They’re an ever-growing group of driven and inspired people who don’t know the phrase “give up”. Over the years, They’ve carefully grown a brand name in Vegas and abroad, made connections and took lots of jobs for hire and for passion. Their biggest pride and joy is their show: EDM Nightlife Show, a full-blown feature, packed with lots of content..


Here is where you come in EDM Nightlife Show – Hostess Audition… What does it mean? What are they looking for? What do YOU get? This article will try to answer all the questions you have! A FAQ, if you will… What is the audition for?  The audition is for female on-camera talent. EDM Nightlife is looking for girls to host various segments of the newly re-designed EDM Nightlife Show. What the hell is “EDM Nightlife Show”? EDM Nightlife Show is the product of It’s a 22 minute show, think of the Entertainment Tonight of electronic music. A jam packed video, full of on-location fun, bubbles and positive energy. A rainbow in unicorn-land. No, seriously, they HAVE unicorns! You can check out the last episode for a loose reference. The new show will feature lots more content, funny bits and topics that have an entire scene asking questions. As a hostess, you may report exclusive news stories, interview A-list talent, party with EDM Nightlife in clubs, talk to promoters and nightlife personalities from all over the globe. Here is the link to our last episode:

What do I need to do at this audition? Requirements? Well, there are not very many requirements. Fluent in English, athletic or slim body type and a good personality. About 75% of EDM Nightlife’s viewers are male, between the ages 16-35, EDM Nightlife likes the show to be attractive for them. They already have male segment hosts, so EDM Nightlife is currently only looking for females.

Send an email to, EDM Nightlife sets you up with a date and a half-hour slot. A quick guide will be sent to you, describing the interview process. It is fun and easy, don’t worry… You’ll plop in front of 2-3 cameras and some lights  to read a part of a script. You will have the script a week in advance, so you can practice at home. After this, there will be a DJ/Music Producer for you to interview him/her. You will also know who the interviewee is, a week in advance. 

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