Adapted Records Glitch Funk dance music pro



Adapted Records Glitch Funk dance music pro


The ultimate collection of glitch and funk is here!!!

There’s no denying the progression in Adapted’s roster over the course of the past year with impressive talent and a massive evolution. It’s all led to this – a collection full of tracks that was meant for covering an entire piece of time. This is a compilation to start your day with – and to enjoy life’s finer moments that elude uplifting vibes and a unique taste.

If the glitch and funk goes together here like peanut butter and chocolate – enter the party with Beat Fatigue’s delicious “Funk Tube,” rendering blues funk and oh-so-tasty glitch. Cheshire Music delivers a classic with “Sunday Drop,” which blends traditional horns with vintage sounds for a tasteful groove. FarfetchD smothers us with a caramel smooth, tasty batch of electro medicine called “The Fever,” which dials in a truly brilliant track from start to finish. Crazy Daylight (ft. EVeryman) Father Funk and Kybosh provide the protein with three massive tracks, ” Make It Nice, Chocolate Milk and Split Minstrel.” Put on your “Funk Face” with mat tha hat, whose out of control single with drop your jaw to the floor. “Wiggle Bit” by Orphic is a magnificent track that uses a sexy riff, cinematic builds, and beautiful bells which lead to a glitchy breakdown unlike any other – an authentic take on post-modern disco.
SpekrFreks bring the uptempo groove and full-court press with “Juke Joint”!
Squelch Music’s “Spiked Punch” delivers a stomach-churning glitch groove that will make you feel extraterrestrial!

And the funk keeps impressing… a separate paragraph is needed to discuss LabRat’s remix of SugarBeats’s hit “Pretty Young Things.” This wonderful midtempo jam could not give the original more magic. Tack breaks through with “Everything’s Good,” full of dance-friendly melodic breaks. Thomas Vent somehow manages to get heavier, funkier, and full of more aggression.. “Squealing Funk” is no exception. Vice City and Hexsonic collab for a futuristic jam which carries weight like a Flume single, full of effortlessly catchy beats. “Purple Funkazoids” by Warp9 is Tipper in disguise, dialing back for a taste of other-wordly breaks. This a compilation for all time, make sure to clear your schedule!