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Andain Interview Hammarica PR Electronic Dance Music News

Andain began as an experimental, electronica group in 2000. Singer/song-writer, Mavie Marcos, grew up performing in the theatre and studied classical voice in college. Her musical interests led her to play in acoustic bands until she moved to San Francisco in 1999. During that time she met, and started writing an album with, producer Josh Gabriel (Gabriel & Dresden) who had studied composition at the California Institute of The Arts and was then working as a burgeoning electronic music producer. Andain’s first effort “Summer Calling” was released in 2002 by Black Hole Recordings for their renowned In Search Of Sunrise series. This launched the band’s name into instant celebrity in the dance world. found a spot in their busy schedule for an interview.


You have been around for over a decade as a dance music group, which is rather exceptional. What would you say were the best moments from your career the last 10 years?

So many cool moments. Mostly, I love that we had the chance to travel to so many different places and getting to meet and make friends with truly interesting people.

Your song “Beautiful Things,” best known for the Gabriel & Dresden Remix has YouTube views in excess of 20 million. Do you see the effect of such a famous song at your performances?

That song always gets a huge response. Usually most of the audience is singing along. It’s pretty amazing.

Your song Promises was one of the pleasant surprises of 2011. How much work went into creating the song? It doesn’t sound like an overnight thing.

It took us a while to figure out the best style for this track. Once we put the bells in, the song took shape more quickly.

The best city to chill in the US?

I grew up in Miami and still love to spend time on the beaches there. I think the water off the Miami coast is some of the most beautiful.

Name something you love, and tell us why.

I really appreciate a well made cappuccino; one where someone who really cares has taken the time to pull the grounds in the right way and steam the milk to just the right temperature. When its topped with a leaf or heart design on the milk froth – that’s the best.

How do you enjoy the live performances and can you describe in detail what people can expect from one of your shows?

Me singing and playing synths and a guitarist named Shreddward Brailif. Right now we are touring with dance versions of our songs in club venues.

Are you open for collaborations with other artists from different kind of breeds?

Yes. I love all styles of music. If it’s a good track. It’s a good track.

What truly differentiates your band from other artists in electronic dance music?

There’s a lot of really great stuff coming out in the EDM scene. I guess the sound of my voice and our song writing style distinguishes us. We usually write really full songs that translate well acoustically and in a more produced, electronic style.

Who would you say has been your biggest supporter over the years?

our trance fans from the early days have always been super supportive of all our music.

Deluxe Version of Andain's 'You Once Told Me' LPWhat can we expect in the future of Andain?

more songs I hope. I just take it a day at a time. Keep doing what I find interesting. I’m touring for the foreseeable future.

What’s the worst thing that ever happened on stage?

I use a lot of midi controllers. It can be a bit of a nightmare. Rarely, but sometimes, the midi channels change for no good reason and you are on stage with your equipment not responding how it’s supposed to. Nothing noticable has happened yet, but the anxiety about it can be stressful as the performer.

Pick a classic EDM tune and tell us why?

I guess, “Binary Finary” for me. It was one of the first EDM tracks that really got to me. It reminds me of being in my early twenties when I was first getting into electronic music.

Is there a final thing you would like to say to our readers?

Take an hour, find some really nice speakers, and listen to YOTM. We took a lot of time to make the experience worth your time. I promise.