Luca Draccar

Luca Draccar Impresses Again With The Release Of A New 3-track Ep Titled 419

Luca Draccar


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The remarkable Berlin-based producer and pioneer of exotic techno Luca Draccar extends his sovereignty over the music world once again with the release of a new 3-track EP titled 419. Draccar’s music, most notably, finds appreciation among peoples of all walks of life – due to its sophistication and warmth. 419 follows these very same principles while exemplifying the innovative characteristics of Draccar’s production.

419’s potentiality cannot only ignite the dancefloor, but also touches upon our contemplative side. The EP opens with the cerebral rhythms of Dadaism, an introspective melody that amply adjusts our mood for what is to follow. 419’s intensity is set aflame through the vigorous strides of the succeeding track Lippen. The tune’s driving beat and dreamy trance-like landscape are an instant winner. Vagabondage concludes 419 with a taste of exotica, perfectly accentuated in the track’s free space and conga drums.

Luca Draccar takes on a journey that is absent of time. 419 is brilliant as it is a unique investment into its own sonic dimension and for the music lover, this is the next best thing to paradise.

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